Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

This thing is supposed to keep geese from making a mess of the lawn at work, but it almost scared me away this morning. Being half asleep and 20 feet away didn't help. I should have called out of work. Maybe I'll save the "scary wolf" excuse for another day. I just need to make sure I don't use the excuse too often, because when a real wolf shows up, well, you know the story.

I'll be at the Looney Bin tonight with some great local comics. Check the calendar at the top of this page for more info.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Welcome to my website, and perhaps the internet. If this is your first time online, you're either my mother (hi Mom), or you're 4, in which case your parents are probably friends of mine and they left my site open on the home computer (tell your mom I said hi).

I've always avoided naming a website after myself, mainly because the spelling of my last name is a problem for anybody living outside of Poland. It is, however, my name, and it is the same name I've been using onstage for years. I'm sticking with it, and that's that. I'm on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, and more, but with the constantly changing social networking scene I wanted a place of my own that would remain constant. I have a stack of business cards with my MySpace address printed on them, and we all know that just isn't cool anymore. So here it is - home base, where all points meet.MySpace was always great for me. It listed my shows, photos, videos, bio, and blogs. When Facebook won the social networking battle, I stopped contributing to my MySpace blog. Therein lies my second reason for starting this site; I want to start blogging again, and I hope you will visit often to read and comment on my nonsense.

Back in 2007, I traveled to the Cayman Islands with some friends. While I was there, I wrote a daily vacation blog that is still one of my favorite things that I have ever done.
If you're interested, here's a link to Day 1 of that blog on MySpace:

Next Wednesday I'm traveling to San Francisco with one of my best friends, Chris Sorrentino.  I'm currently working on a comic book with Chris.  In fact, he's the guy responsible for the cartoon version of me on the banner at the top of this website, and I can't thank him enough for excluding my fat neck from his portrayal.  Chris and I are going to visit another one of my best friends, Frank LaMonaca, and his wife, Christine. Frank is now working for Industrial Light and Magic, and we're going to be getting a very special (and private) behind-the-scenes tour of ILM, and, if we're lucky, Skywalker Ranch. Just as I did in the Cayman Islands, I'll be keeping a daily blog of our nerdy adventures in San Francisco, so check back soon.
If you've read this much, I'm very impressed. Before I end this first blog entry, I want to promote a couple of things. First, I have a show tomorrow night at the Port Richmond Emporium. This is a very funny, fun, and free stand-up comedy show. You can find more information on the calendar at the top of my site. If you are not already on my mailing list, you can easily join by entering your email address in the submission box on the right side of this page.
Finally, I am very happy to announce that all six episodes of Mid-Evenings with Jay Miller: Season 2 are now available as a free podcast. I had such an amazing time working on this show, and I highly suggest you download the podcast today through the iTunes store.

That's all for now. Thanks for visiting, and Mom, while you're online, you really should check out eBay. You'll love it. It's like a flea market without the smell.