Sunday, April 25, 2010

NOT FRIDAY with Andrea Rosen, Team Submarine, and Robert Dean

It's Sunday night and there's lightning all around.  I shouldn't be using my computer, but I have to tell you about this week's show.

It's still at 8PM.  It's still at Aces and Eights, 34 Avenue A and 3rd Street.  It's still free.  James Harris, Adam Pateman, and I will still be there.  It's still funny.

Check out this week's lineup if you don't believe me.

Andrea Rosen.  If you missed her last time, you really need to come to the show.  If you saw her last time, I really don't need to tell you why you need to come to the show.  You also may have seen her on the TV.

Team Submarine.  Prepare to get double-teamed in the funniest way possible.

Robert Dean.  He has two first names and even more jokes.

True, I was a little lazy regarding my description of the show this week, but do I really need to tell you anymore?  We're about to do our 12th show, and I can honestly say that the previous 11 have been amazing.  I mean it.  Come have some fun this Monday night.  I know I always do.

- John Szeluga