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Monday, May 24, 2010

NOT FRIDAY with Sheng Wang, Michael Lawrence, Sean Donnelly, and Shawn Pearlman

Here's some quick info about tonight's show:

It all starts at 8:00 PM at Aces and Eights, 34 Avenue A and 3rd Street.  It's FREE (21 & up), and tonight's lineup is great.  We have Sheng Wang (Comedy Central), Michael Lawrence (ENYC nominated), Sean Donnelly (New York Underground Comedy Festival, Lil' Seany Boy Show, Don't Touch Me There), and Shawn Pearlman (Comedy Death Ray). Come see Shawn before he moves back to LA!
I'll be hosting with James Harris. Adam Pateman is in Canada, so if you don't like Adam, this is the show to come to. If you do like Adam, it would mean a lot to him if you still came to the show.
I'll see you there.
- John Szeluga