Monday, June 28, 2010

NOT FRIDAY with Hannibal, DeRosa, Grosz, O'Brien, and Cope

I'm very excited about this week's show.  Here's the lineup for tonight:

Hannibal Buress (SNL)

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Peter Grosz Insults
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Peter Grosz (Colbert Report)

Michael Patrick O'Brien (SNL)

Joe DeRosa (Comedy Central)

David Cope (Last Comic Standing)

NOT FRIDAY is a free weekly comedy show every Monday night at 8pm @ Aces and Eights (34 Ave. A & 3rd St.)

I will also be performing alongside co-producers James Harris and Adam Pateman.

We now have new drink specials!  $5 gets you 2 bud lights or 2 mixed drinks.

I'll see you there.

- John Szeluga