Saturday, June 28, 2014

Glaser- Kaiser Permanente - FREE DRINKS, FREE COMEDY

Comedians and friends Aaron Glaser (The Wolf of Wall Street) and Lukas Kaiser (Spike) are each performing 30 minutes of stand up comedy tonight, Saturday, June 28th at 9pm. The show is free and there will be TONS OF FREE BEER and snacks. Aaron & Lukas are both working on always-morphing shows that are inspired by each new audience they perform in front of, so come to it. There should be enough space for everybody, but for guaranteed entry, email LUKASKAISER@GMAIL.COM with the subject PERMANENTE JUNE.

Hosted by John Szeluga.

BRIT PACK THEATER - 153 LAFAYETTE Street, 3RD FLOOR, NYC - near Canal Street in Chinatown.