Friday, September 12, 2014

Showcasey Jones - September 13th

The adult show & tell comedy show is back! Saturday, September 13th at 8pm at OVER THE EIGHT in Williamsburg. Free show!

Bring your weird family photos, show us how many flips you can do in a row, show off the tattoo your uncle gave you at last year's family retreat! Anything crazy, cooky, strange or insane... and the best of the best will win $25 cash and bragging rights as one of the weirdest people in NYC! Last week's winner brought a jar filled with cat parts - and he went head-to-head with a couple guys who modified a baby doll to smoke from a bong.

Play for a chance to win drink tickets, odd prizes, $25 cash and the glory of being one of the weirdest people in NYC!

Plus, live stand up comedy from some of NYC's best - John Szeluga, Lukas Kaiser, Will Miles, Tom Lisi & more!

Hosted by Ian Fidance & Lizzie Martinez