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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ep. 150: Extravadanza

It's the 3rd Super Live Adventure Pizza Party and the guys sit down and chat with @denomfug (Super Fan Denny Rodrigo, @trekkingpodcast)!

Recorded live at Pizza D'Oro on Staten Island, the guys and their guest get into dealing with accidentally erasing a whole podcast recording, The Principal, creepy movie rape scenes, Meatballs and Meatballs Part II, Zapped, Revenge of the Nerds, Rodney Dangerfield/Rappin' Rodney/Rover Dangerfield, Fresh Young Balki B (the Balki Bartokomous rap), Jesse and the Rippers, John Stamos, Never Too Young To Die, clothing choices of Hanna Barbera cartoon characters, Bebe's Kids, John's sleep schedule, illegal Irish moonshine, Dennis burning his esophagus from over-proof rum, accidentally drinking a cup of cigarette butts and ashes, Tony Danza v Joe Piscopo, how to get 3rd place in a Staten Island body building contest, the Sleepy's guy, Michael Jordan's Hitler mustache, Chris eating dancer's rosin, '80s candy, working at Toys R Us, losing one's virginity in a supermarket, the Trader Joe's cult, Star Trek, the Ringling Bros. Living Unicorn, strange personal circus tales, clowns, '80s television shows, Heat Vision and Jack, Celebrity Autobiography, and an embarrassing interaction for Tony Danza with John's wife... 

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