Monday, October 1, 2018

Ep. 216: America's Cousin

Our good buddy Ed O’Hare stops by at the top of the show to talk about “The Franchise Chronicles” at, The Wicked Theory Podcast, and his coverage of the upcoming seasons of DC Comics television shows on The DCTV Report podcast. 

We then discuss why Amish beards don’t have mustaches, an unused Impractical Jokers challenge, The Mahoning Drive-In Theater, *BREAKING SLAP NEWS* “What was Zach Galligan’s idea for a potential third Gremlins film?,” Carvel clears up some of our questions about ice cream cake birth planets, Cookie Chick, Ted DiBiase “The Million Dollar Man,” and much more.

PLUS voicemails from friends, fans, and Li’l Chub Club members. Don’t know what the Li’l Chub Club is all about? Head on over for info on how to join!

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